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Social Entrepreneurship Workshop

The Hansen Summer Institute will include a two-day social entrepreneurship workshop in week three for Hansen Fellows. The workshop will inform Fellows about social entrepreneurship as a workable option for improving international economic development - a key ingredient for world peace. Not only will Fellows receive training on the nuts and bolts of social entrepreneurship, they will have the opportunity to formulate a social entrepreneurship proposal during the summer institute, present it to the other Hansen Fellows, and if it is chosen, receive a Hansen grant as seed capital for implementing it. This innovative program combines “Peer to Peer Mentoring”and “Service Learning” into a comprehensive student experience that will live beyond the three weeks in San Diego.

Each participant can submit a social entrepreneurship proposal a as part of their application process on Form 8. If aspiring participants do not submit a proposal for a social entrepreneurship project, this will not affect their ability to become Hansen Fellows. All proposals need to have an international component. All Fellows will participate in the two day workshop, and Hansen Fellows will participate in selecting the best ideas for funding after the workshop.